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The Extra Chromosome – Hannah Rowland

The Extra Chromosome is a narrative documentary that focuses on explaining what it is like growing up with a brother who has Down’s Syndrome. The video tells the story from the perspective of family members, exploring the hardships, as well as the irreplaceable moments experienced throughout the past 20 years.

The Peculiar Perspectives of Hope – Dakota Maertz

An interactive text-based adventure in which players must use mission logs and their wit to help Hope escape from a derelict spaceship before the chance is gone

Her Winter/Summer’s Heat – Lilah Hansen

Twin visual poems using AI-created visuals to help to tell the story of how winter and summer are their own seasons.

Not Yet – Ashley Kincaid

After getting great news of a job offer straight out of college, Megan realizes she has less than a month to live care free before moving on to the next stages of her life and the fun has to come to an end.

Mark My Words – Justin Soeun

A blog writer hears his own voice exaggerated in his mind while contemplating his uncertain future and the purpose of passion and identity.

Offseason in Winona – Ikenna Ujuagu

Offseason in Winona is a documentary following the announcement of the retirement of Winona State Head Football Coach, Tom Sawyer and the transition to new Head Coach, Brian Bergstrom. The video documents changes to the Winona State Football program due to the coaching change — how it effects training and student athletes.

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