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THE BACKBONE OF NASHVILLEDocumentary | 26:12Maddie SullwoldSix Nashville musicians talk about their experiences in Nashville and where the industry is going in a post-COVID19 world. BREATHEVideo-Essay | 12:32Shelbie CarsonLife can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, even if it is the little things. It is important to take time for yourself to remember what you’re thankful for, be grateful for yourself, and to just breathe. RIVER BEND NATURE CENTER: A PROTECTED…

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The Fall semester in Creative Digital Media offers a number of classes for students to develop their video production skills. In Fall of 2020, there were two sections of MCOM 173, the introductory video class; MCOM 271: Interactive Environments, in which students used the virtual world Second Life to develop machinima video content; and, MCOM 349: Advanced Video Production, where students extend their skill set and develop individual, self-guided video…

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Get out your old school red-blue 3D glasses and share in the isolation. Media Lab Spring 2020 presents a series of 3D images addressing experiences under Corona Virus “Stay at Home” and “Social Distancing” orders.

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MCOM 307: Media Lab.2020

In Spring 2020 the CDM Media Lab investigated early optical toys and post-digital viewing devices for 3D images, experimenteing with the construction of images for a 1915 Keystone Stereoscope, the Loreo 3D viewer, and old school red-blue anaglyphic 3D glasses. Had the class progressed under normal circumstances, student would have moved into developing a series of stereoscopic meme recreations (complete with 19th century costumes), and explored stereoscopic video in both…

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MCOM 221: CDM Storytelling.S2020

In Spring 2020, MCOM 221: Creative Digital Media Storytelling undertook a project in generative character, narrative, and story world development. The generated texts are compiled on the blog “International Rejects.” Character Generator Starting with a JavaScript-based list generator, students collected media materials to convertor the script into a multiple character generator using a series of variable arrays. Students selected 75 faces from AI Generated Face collections available online, to use…