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If we look at glitches as they are usually considered: a mutation to the physical appearance, a defect, or a snag, they’re considered undesirable. Yet, what does it mean when glitches are intentional? In this piece each tile is purposefully glitched and they are just a small piece of the whole. Each picture is intended to represent the state of being human. The artists chose landscapes to represent the world around us. Nobody is perfect and ‘glitches’ are what make us who we are. Our ‘glitches’ are the only parts of us that define us as separate and authentic creatures. We have our own thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Just like how each tile in the mosaic works together to create a new image, when we are put together we create something beautiful, humanity.

Mina Tham, Amy Stoulil, Nick Camarote, Tyler Werne, Joseph Eichele, Devon Schlangen, Charley McClay, Justin Soeun, Justin Kostecki, Alex Schrubbe

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